Tech Hacks

Laptop batteries can last longer if you charge them up to only 80% instead of the full 100%

When booking flights or hotels online, clear cookies before you start looking, or shop in Incognito mode, for lower prices

If you save your Powerpoint presentation in .PPS instead of .PPT, your file goes into slideshow mode when you open it

Someone needs to use your phone to make a call?

Use Siri from the lock screen to make the call. The person has no access to any other app on your phone this way

Find yourself in a hotel without an outlet?

Check the TV for a USB plugin

Use Nail Polish to Decorate Phone Chargers

Your phone is on silent and you can't find it?

Andrioid users: use Google Device Manager from another device, like a laptop or tablet, to send an alert to your phone. This tool will bypass your phone's silent setting, causing the device to ring until you find it.

iPhone users: log into iCloud on another device and selecting the Find My Phone option. You can then select Play Sound to make your silenced iPhone sing.

Charge your phone faster

Putting your phone into airplane mode — which disables cell signals, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS — will make your phone easier to ignore while it's charging and will help your phone power up faster.